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Beef Kaldereta Recipe

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Beef Kaldereta is a main stay in any Filipino Kitchen. It is a type of beef stew cooked with tomato sauce and liver spread. Ingredients such as potato, carrots, bell peppers, and olives are also utilized when cooking this dish.

This is a popular dish is served during special occasions. It is a regular item in every Filipino cookbook. Some consider kaldereta as the Philippines most famous beef stew.

How to Cook Beef Kaldereta

The first part of the process is to sauté beef with garlic and onion. Start by heating oil in wide pot. Cook the garlic, onion, and beef. Continue to saute the beef until the color browns a bit. Add bay leaves and crushed peppercorn. Continue by adding liver spread, tomato sauce, and beef broth.

The beef needs to be cooked until tender. You can do it the traditional way by cooking it in a regular cooking pot over the stove top. This takes around 60 to 90 minutes. A faster way to tenderize beef is to cook it using a pressure cooker. It can save you time by more than half.

Go ahead and add the vegetables and seasonings. Cook for around 10 minutes and it’s done. The cooking process is simple and straightforward.

Beef Kaldereta is best eaten with warm white rice. I suggest cooking the rice while waiting for the meat to tenderize. You might forget the rice when you tend to be focused in cooking the beef.

Kaldereta Versions

Different types of protein can be used to make kaldereta. Goat meat and pork are widely used aside from beef. Chicken can also be utilized using this recipe.

I like to put more ingredients when cooking this dish during special occasions. Pitted green olives is one of my favorites. When cooking kaldereta as a pulutam, I add chopped chili peppers. This is what I usually do when making my Kalderetang kambing.

There are several versions of kaldereta. This recipe that I am sharing today just happens to be the one that I grew-up eating. It the version that makes use of liver spread and tomato sauce. Liver spread is an ingredient similar to liver pate.

Kaldereta with Peanut Butter – there are regions in the Philippines that makes use of peanut butter instead of liver spread. I think that it is also good. In fact, I made a version of it using goat meat. Check out this Kalderetang Kambing with Peanut Butter Recipe. It will be great if you can give me a feedback.

Kaldereta sa Gata (with coconut milk) – a popular version of kaldereta outside of Metro Manila involves the use of coconut milk. I think that it is really good. This is a rich and creamy version of kaldereta that is best done spicy, in my opinion. I enjoyed every bite of it. Check it out.

My Christmas Kaldereta has shredded cheese along with most of the ingredients that I used in this recipe. This is what the kids love most. There is something with the cheese that makes the dish more interesting. I encourage you to try it.

Alternative ingredients

Use fresh liver if liver spread is not available. I prefer pig’s liver over that of the cow’s. It is best to puree it using a food processor before cooking.

Ripe fresh tomatoes and canned diced tomato can be used as a replacement for tomato sauce. Stewed tomato works too.

Try this Beef Kaldereta Recipe. Let me know what you think.

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